Play mov files using customizable mov file player

MOV player

Recently it has become pretty popular to download films as well as different videos onto your computer and just watch it staying at home if you are lazy to go out. Is it about you? There is nothing special in it and it is quick and easy as anything else. At the same time it happens quite frequently that one of your media players doesn't work and plays nothing. And it is not very pleasant indeed. Especially if you are not an advanced user who understands nothing in computers and technologies, who is afraid of the words “container format” or “file extension”. In this case it would be a little bit difficult for you to sort out in various formats and media players offered today. But don't feel upset, you are not alone definitely.

Probably you have noticed that from time to time the format of the video you download can be marked as MOV. The format was developed and elaborated by Apple Inc. and it is used by the Quick Time wrapped files. Nevertheless the files of this format are compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. It is really great that both platforms can support it. In the case you have files of .mov then you are advised to download and install into your computer MOV player. The main advantage of the file format is that it can be edited quite easily. You may need a media converter for converting your video to MOV format and back.

So MOV player is intended for playing video files of MOV format. And it is really easy to use this application that has user friendly interface. It is really a good option especially if you are a beginner. It includes the basic buttons: play, pause, full-screen, seek and some others so that you would hardly get entangled. The application has no bags, no viruses, no glitches. Moreover it is absolutely free. It doesn't take you much time to install it and allows you to enjoy the video. Does it sound too be good to be true? But it is true indeed. After installing it into your computer you would forget about any difficulties that could happen.


Q: What does MOV mean?

A: MOV is a file format developed by Apple Computer Inc. and it is used by Quick Time-wrapped files.

Q: Does only Mac computers support the file format?

A: The file extension is supported by both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Q: What is so special about this format?

A: The main trait of the MOV file format and its main advantage is that the file can be edited very easily. So that there is no need at all to rewrite data after editing.